Vintage Clothing in S'pore: No Need Go Bangkok Thrift Liao



Vintage Clothing in S'pore: No Need Go Bangkok Thrift Liao

21 July 2020
Photos: Instagram/@retrogateofficial, @loopgarms, @exit_vintage and @whollyvintage

A treasure hunt. That’s essentially what shopping for vintage clothing is.

As you browse through the many racks of clothes, high chance you’ll find something that suits your taste, especially if you have a liking for anything from yesteryear. Plus, the items are usually one-of-a-kind, unique and fabulous - just like you!

If you want to make a statement with your clothing or just have fun with quirky pieces, then this is the list for you - and the stores are all right here in Singapore. People will say walao bro, today your clothes stylo-milo leh!

Spades Room

The hype: Spades Room is a multi-label store by friends who came together to start a creative space for fashion. They each have their own brands: Jiggy Things (Justin), Cherub (Shane) and JONT (Jon). Being a multi-label store means they carry the items of other vendors such as Reduxing, Commoners Regalia, and Solars Rebirth. If you like a rojak of all types of clothing, then check them out. 

Address: 1 Thomson Road, #01-342A

Retro Gate

The hype: Within a roomy 3,000 square foot space, Retro Gate offers its patrons a wide selection of trendy vintage clothing. Looking for a comfortable yet stylish windbreaker? Want a cute sweater? Planning to revisit your childhood by wearing Disney or Marvel tees? You can even cop clothing from brands the likes of Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Ellesse. You confirm leave satisfied; huat ah!

Address: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16, Singapore 199588

Loop Garms

The hype: If cartoon graphic tees catch your attention, then Loop Garms is the place to be. Their collection takes inspiration from vintage shops in Japan, featuring 80s and 90s apparel like plaid shirts and pants, sports jackets from popular brands such as Adidas, Fila, Nike and more. Prices can go as low as $10 for t-shirts, making their curated collection both affordable and fashionable.

Address: 635 Veerasamy Rd, #01-148, Singapore 200635

Exit Vintage

The hype: Are those Yves Saint Laurent jackets? If you are into branded clothing such as YSL or even iconic In-N-Out Burger graphic tees, then Exit Vintage is the place for you to do your vintage shopping. They carry everything from discounted and decently-priced high fashion to graphic tees displaying popular characters the likes of Michael Jackson, X-men, and many more. They even have a Telegram channel where they update incoming collections regularly. So hurry, hurry, mai tu liao!

Address: Queensway Shopping Centre, #02-37J, Singapore 149053

Death Threads Vintage

The hype: This veteran in the vintage clothing scene needs no further introduction. They are as exclusive as the pieces they curate; they only open once a month (and make the announcement via their Instagram). Other than the usual streetwear and sportswear and pieces from popular brands like Champion and Bape, limited-edition items from Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren are also available. Of course, they are also well-known for a variety of graphic tees that reference pop-culture, games, movies, and bands.

Address: Kapo Factory Block A, #04-06, 80 Playfair Road, Singapore 367998

Wholly Vintage

The hype: Anime and manga lovers, this is the place for you. Wholly Vintage stocks tees with popular cartoon characters from the 90s and shopping here will definitely take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane (unless you’re a 2000s baby). With colourful graphics that pop and recognisable icons, the inner child in you is in for a treat. Also expect stuff from brands such as Versace and Burberry. 

Address: Gordon Industrial Building, #05-03, Singapore 409838


The hype: With almost 26k followers on IG, Vintagewknd is akin to an influencer liao. They travel the world, carefully curating one-of-a-kind vintage clothing with pieces from various countries in Asia and Europe. They mainly sell their apparel online through their Instagram store, but they do host warehouse sales at times. Such fun to comb through endless racks of exciting clothing and they even have a cozy fitting room for you to try the pieces on! Soon you’ll have #igworthy clothing to reach 26k followers as well.

Address: First Center #08-08, 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore 555856


The hype: Grammah is situated at Haji Lane, a well known spot for unique fashion boutiques and lively alleyways with all sorts of hidden gems. Get ready for your shopping options to be as colourful and vibrant as the graffiti around Haji Lane. If you aspire to be a Singaporean Marilyn Monroe, they definitely stock vintage dresses and accessories that will help you rock the look! You might be spoilt for choice here as everything from pleated skirts to colour-blocked jackets are in stock. 

Address: 66 Haji Ln, Singapore 189259

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