Local Apparel Labels Make Fabric Masks - Here's Where To Find Them



Know Someone Who Needs A Mask? These Local Apparel Makers Have Got You Covered

STORY: Diane Lam
07 April 2020
Reusable masks

Tired of wearing the same ‘ol reusable mask every every day? These local crafters and apparel makers are releasing their own designs, meaning that you can stay safe and stay fashionable (or as fashionable as one can look while making grocery runs), while supporting a small local business.

Better yet, you can order these online and send them to people who may need them. Here are some we’ve spotted over the last couple of days:

If you think that masks made out of Egyptian cotton are a little extra, well, think again: heritage tailor CYC is making them out of excess shirting material, which might otherwise go to waste. As such, whatever design you receive in the mail will be a surprise.

The firm also gave out DIY mask kits for home sewers in hope of distributing 200,000 masks to migrant workers. The volunteer slots are now full, but we certainly applaud the effort. 

Order a mask for $20 or a pack of 6 for $100

These reusable fabric masks, sold in packs of four adult masks for $32, come in fun patterns and will soon be available in kids' sizes. If you have a preference for certain designs, you can also indicate them in the notes section when you check out and Independent Market will try to accommodate. Due to the high demand, orders made after April 5 will only be shipped out from April 10 onward, so get yours while you can!

Order here

Want to extend the usage of your surgical mask? Local design and handicraft label Coconeese has released washable mask covers in a variety of fun patterns, for $12 each. 

Order here

BONUS: These aren't for sale, but it bears mentioning that this bespoke heritage tailor spent the last few days before lockdown sewing masks to give away. 

We expect more local makers to release their own masks in the weeks ahead, so we'll be updating this list periodically. Stay posted, stay healthy, and stay indoors, everyone!

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