How To Upcycle Your McDonald's BTS Meal Packaging



How To Upcycle Your McDonald's BTS Meal Packaging

STORY: Diane Lam
22 June 2021
Upcycle BTS McDonald's Meal packaging

Congratulations, fast fingers. You scored a limited edition McDonald's BTS Meal, which reportedly sold out at some locations in Singapore within five minutes. And now you have all this pretty purple packaging, but you can't bear to throw it away.

Aside from selling it on Carousell for a few hundred dollars, you can turn your McDonald's "trash" into treasure by upcycling it into cute DIY merchandise. 

Here are some 'dynamite' ideas that BTS fans have been posting on social media - alas, the brown paper bag is not available in Singapore, but you can probably score one online if you search hard enough (or are willing to pay the price). 

Turn it into a tumbler

Procure a double-wall tumbler from Starbucks or on an e-commerce website like Shopee, trim the McDonald's packaging, and bam! Your morning coffee just got way more exciting.

Upgrade a clear phone case

We're loving it. 

Make it into a bookmark

Complete with your bias' name on the back.

Upcycle it into a passport cover

As if being able to travel weren't already a flex, you could flash this on your IG Stories while checking in at the airport.

Turn it into a trinket tray

The resin might be a little tricky, but the results are totally worth it.

Make it into a keychain

The sauce packets are just the right size for this.

Organise your stationery

Is this innovative or what? Downside: we can totally see our parents throwing this out once they do some unsolicited spring cleaning in our bedrooms.

Turn it into a coaster

If only we had enough packaging to turn it into a placemat.

Turn it into a fashion accessory

We'd pierce our ears just to be able to wear these.

Speaking of fashion...

These are best worn on non-rainy days.

Turn it into a pouch or a wallet

Are you good at sewing? Then this is the project for you.

Anyway, here's a gif to express how we feel after seeing how the BTS ARMY flexed their creativity in an environmentally-friendly way: 

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