7 Star Wars Characters Who Took Social Distancing To The Next Level



9 Star Wars Characters Who Took Social Distancing To The Next Level

STORY: Diane Lam
04 May 2021

Today is May the 4th, a.k.a. Star Wars Day, but since we can’t do much to celebrate other than holding Star Wars marathons at home, we’re taking a look at the characters who mastered social distancing before it was ever a thing.


1. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Lived as a hermit in the wastelands of Tatooine for two decades, forgoing his true identity and keeping a (mostly) safe distance between himself and the Skywalkers. 

2. Luke Skywalker

Exiled himself on the remote planet of Ahch-To without telling anywhere where he was. He even severed his connection to The Force so that no one, not even the spirits of his old masters, could communicate with him. 

3. Yoda

The 900-year-old Jedi Grand Master spent his latter years scuttling around on Dagobah, communicating with other Jedi via the Force, and living off stews made of swamp rats. Guess two months without McDonald's ain't that bad after all. 

4. Darth Maul

His double-ended lightsabre was 6 feet (almost 2 metres) in length, so rest assured, he'd never stand too close to you on the bus. 

5. Han Solo

Encased on carbonite. Forcibly separated from bae. Pretty sure this counts as extreme quarantining. 

6. Djin Djarin, a.k.a. The Mandalorian

Never took off his helmet. Never let anyone see, let alone touch, his face. Would definitely wear a mask to NTUC. 

7. Darth Vader

Speaking of masks, Darth Vader not only kept his on at all times, but he holed up at work in a pod rather than cough all over everyone's desks. 

8. The Child

Okay, so Baby Yoda wasn't the best at staying put when he was told, but can you blame him, after being trapped alone in a heavily guarded encampment? His wide-eyed look of wonder = our faces once we can finally go out again. 

9. Emperor Palpatine

Hid for so long, everyone thought he was dead. He even had children and grandchildren without anyone noticing. Talk about thriving in quarantine. 

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