8 Places In Singapore That Belong In A Korean Drama



9 Places In Singapore That Belong In A Korean Drama

STORY: Diane Lam
22 December 2020
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Earlier this month, we learned that the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) signed a three-year agreement with Korean drama production house, Studio Dragon – the company behind ‘Crash Landing On You’ – to promote Singapore as a travel destination. Meaning that once COVID-related restrictions ease, you’ll be seeing Singapore as a backdrop in K-dramas.

While we might not have Lotte World, Jeju Island, or pojangmacha (Korean street food stalls) in Singapore, we wouldn’t rule out er, hawker centres as the backdrop for a romantic (and probably sweaty) back hug.

Here are some other places in Singapore that wouldn’t look too out of place for a K-drama:

Coney Island

Scene: Offshore date compounded by a bike ride and a romantic declaration in the rain.

There’s a saying in K-drama fandoms that “all roads lead to Jeju Island”, but Coney Island can be perfectly swoon-worthy given the right company.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Scene: Male lead saves female protagonist from Truck of Doom, only to end up in a coma after sustaining head injury.

There’s ALWAYS a hospital scene in K-dramas. Don’t forget to include a misting humidifier (and a cute doctor) next to the hospital bed!

Siloso Beach

Scene: Couple kicks sand at each other while laughing.

Could also double as a breakup scene on cloudy days.

Pinnacle@Duxton Rooftop

Scene: Drinking beer and eating chips with oppa

Rooftop scenes are a dime a dozen in romantic shows, and the sweeping views atop Pinnacle would feel especially cinematic behind a K-drama lens.


Scene: Romantic leads go grocery shopping after a fight

Immediately followed by a scene where the female lead gives the male lead a back hug while he prepares maggi mee. 

HSBC Rain Vortex

Scene: Prolonged 360-degree kissing scene.

Nothing says ‘dramatic first kiss’ like a dramatic waterfall cascading behind you as the camera pans in and out for what feels like an eternity!

Lau Pat Sat

Scene: Female lead drinks too much, to comical effect.

Our beloved (and tourist-friendly) colonial hawker centre would make a lovely backdrop for a drunken piggyback ride.

Anywhere resembling an army camp

Crash Landing on Tekong. 

GIF: Amino Apps
GIF: Amino Apps



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