6 Woodlands Secrets So Well-Hidden Even Woodlanders Don’t know About Them



6 Woodlands Secrets So Well-Hidden Even Woodlanders Don’t know About Them

STORY: Neon Drew
13 January 2020
PHOTO: Andromeda Observatory at Woodlands Galaxy CC

Overshadowed by its flashier elder brother Thomson for its hippy vibe and badass younger sibling that is Yishun, Woodlands is kinda that poor middle child of the north that people know the name of, and not much more.

For both the uninitiated and frequent weekend traveller, don’t be too quick to sign Woodlands off for its checkpoint to Malaysia as its redeeming factor; you’ll be surprised to realise the unconventional places and experiences that went completely off the radar even to Woodlanders.

And now that the first three stations of the Thomson-East Coast Line have opened for preview, it's easier to ever to explore these places for yourself. 

Read on for 6 Woodlands secrets so well-hidden even Northies don’t know about them.

1. Get Crafty at Arudio Ceramic

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Always had a soft spot for artisanal products and handmade knickknacks? Create your own ceramic art at Arudio Ceramic Studios. With classes catering to various proficiencies, take on the one-day crash course for the novel experience or sign a 10-lesson package where you’ll be given carte blanche to create as many pieces as you like until you’ve mastered the craft.

Arudio also offers group packages targeted at couples and families, cuz good things must always share, right?

21 Woodlands Cl, #03-34 PRIMZ HUB, Singapore 737854
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2. Dine at a Safari-themed Restaurant

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Tucked away in an industrial estate along Mandai Road, quirkiness is written all over 566 Seafood Restaurant, with life-size animal statues making up for most of the interior decor, giving this hidden gem an otherworldly rustic charm.

On the food front, the resto serves up a wide array of zi char mainstays, but the Sliced Sotong With Salted Egg ($15/$25/$35) is highly raved even by salted egg reiteration skeptics.

566 Woodlands Road, Singapore 728697
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3. Stargaze like a Pro with NASA-grade Telescopes

Have a knack for astronomy? Instead of blowing dough on some four-figure costing telescope, head down to the Andromeda Observatory at Woodlands Galaxy CC to double-confirm that the moon isn’t made of cheese.

For $1 per entry, peek into the celestial skies with one of the largest telescopes accessible to the public in Singapore. Granting you full view of the cosmos on a new intimate level, we hear that planets like Jupiter and Saturn are totally visible on non-cloudy days, so it helps to check the weather forecast before heading down!

31 Woodlands Avenue 6, Singapore 738991
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4. Cross Borders in 5 Minutes

Here’s something you never thought you’d get to say: I can cross borders in time less than getting home from work. The KTM shuttle and its 5-minute ride to JB shouldn’t be unfamiliar to frequent travellers, but we’d reckon it’s worth a shoutout for those not in the know.

The only caveat is that there are only 10 train scheduled daily every 2 - 3 hours from 8AM to 11:30PM and tickets are known to go out fast on weekends, just make sure to book it ahead of time here to skip the arduous 2-hour jams and queues.

Here's the full list of the train schedule:

Woodlands to JB Sentral: 8AM | 10AM | 1:30PM | 4:30PM | 6:00PM | 6:45 PM | 8PM | 8:45PM | 10PM | 11:15 PM

JB Sentral to Woodlands: 5:30AM | 6AM | 6:30AM | 7AM | 8:30AM | 9AM | 12:30PM | 3:30PM | 5PM | 7PM | 9PM | 10:15PM

5. Marvel at Singapore’s Tsukiji Fish Market at Senoko Fishery Port

Heralded as Singapore’s iteration of the famed Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, the Senoko Fishery Port holds an impressive wee hour marvel worth sacrificing sleep for.

By 2am, the 3.24-hectare fishery port becomes flooded with merchants, along with them the day’s freshest catch, offering an amazing selection of premium seafood at wholesale prices. The bustle is unlike anything you’d witness anywhere else in Singapore, so we’d recommend a keen eye and good camera to capture the port’s unique atmosphere.

31 Attap Valley Rd, Singapore 759908

6. Rasa Istimewa @ Woodlands Waterfront

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The next time you head down to Woodlands Waterfront, skip the hassle of a picnic and head down to Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant. Hidden in plain sight along the pier, the cosy family-oriented business is just minutes away from the central spine area near the Waterfront’s playground.

While the food has little to write home about, the restaurant’s main draw is ultimately its affordability and homey vibes, along with scenic views of the waterfront.

6A Admiralty Rd W, Singapore 759956
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