Semoga Bahagia: Happy Children's Day From Our Wonderwall Stars



Semoga Bahagia: Happy Children's Day From Our Wonderwall Stars

STORY: Farhan Shafie
04 October 2019

Happy Children's Day! When we think back on our childhoods, we remember Semoga Bahagia as the soundtrack to many school celebrations and happy memories. The song was composed by Zubir Said, who created our National Anthem, and has been synonymous with this date ever since it became the Ministry of Education's official Children's Day song in 1970.

We've asked our Wonderwall stars of different generations to share their favourite Children's Day memories. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our cover of this nostalgic tune.


Hyder Albar, Musician & Entrepreneur 

"Growing up in Singapore in the 90s was pretty cool. We still had the charm of life without technology but we were also quick to adopt it. I was always into both computer games and also going outside to play. It was, a nice balance. The vivid memories I have were often from the times my friends & cousins spent making up random games to play. One of my fav games was a souped-up version of catching. We would set the terms, 'only these blocks, only these levels, and you could only stay in one place for a maximum of 5 mins and then you had to move.' Having to tag each other with our hands became difficult so the catchers resorted to flinging slippers at each other, and if it hit, well, you were 'it'. Chasing each other up and HDB estates, with a touch of ratchet dodgeball. We called it, Slipper block catching. A truly Singaporean innovation."

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Jian Yang, Doll Collector

“I can’t pick just one Children’s Day memory. In fact, it was many Children’s Days, when I would be allowed to pick up something from Toys “R” Us. My parents would bring me to the one at Marine Parade, and let me run wild – with a budget of course. $10 could get you a lot in those days, and I remember a wall full of Care Bears in every colour imaginable. My eyes zoomed in on Good Luck Bear. He was different because he had one winking eye. I think now, as a (rather public) toy collector, that philosophy of buying something that’s just a little different still exists, and I like to buy underdog characters instead of the main character. And to this day, going in to any Toys “R” Us still brings back that childlike wonderment and glee. But now, I have an adult credit card!”

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Susanne Ng, Chiffon Cake Maker

"Children’s Day was always a special day. I remember teachers putting up funny performances for us, and all the yummy food at the celebrations. Now as a mum, I try to make Children’s Day fun and memorable for my kids too. Every year, the kids have Children’s Day parties in their kindergartens where parents contribute goodies. I made the chiffon cake pop watermelon and burgers as cute and yummy treats specially for the children!”

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Greg Ho, Pro Wrestler & Coach

"Playing capteh in the school driveway back in Primary School! I was absolutely rubbish at it though... if only they had pro wrestling classes back then!"

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Dione Tan, Student, Model, Longboarder

"My favourite children's day memory is in Primary 6. It was the best celebration yet from candies, to cute stationeries and cartoon stickers. It was a bizarre day for me receiving so many gifts compared to my other primary school years and I will never forget it."

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