3 Of The Easiest Weight Loss Tricks For Every Day



3 Of The Easiest Weight Loss Tricks For Every Day

STORY: Pearlyn Tham
03 January 2020
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1. Blot your food

Some years ago, a study showed that dabbing away at your slice of pizza with a paper napkin actually removed 4.5g of fat and 40 calories from it. Now, can someone please show us how to blot excess grease from soupy laksa or mushy orh nee?

2. Use smaller plates and bowls

You’ll eat less naturally but only if you don’t go for second helpings. This, of course, works only at home because there isn’t a BYOB (read: bring your own bowl) culture at hawker centres and restaurants here. Yet.

3. Brush your teeth

Supper can be one of the most sinful meals of the day, especially if you flop right into bed after your pre-bedtime snack. Apparently, brushing your teeth earlier in the night can make you less prone to snacking because a clean mouth fends off the peckish pangs.

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