We Can't Get Enough Of These #Aesthetic Mess Tin Meals



Mess Tin Meals: Idea For Your Next ICT Outfield? πŸ’‘

STORY: Diane Lam & Farhan Shafie
01 July 2021
Mess tin meals

Move over, wooden bowls - the humble mess tin has become the food receptacle du jour.Β 

Like its cousin, the bento, "mestin meals" are lovingly assembled in a compact lunch box, elevating the container from something functional into something #aesthetic. Naturally, the trend started in Japan.

And here we were, thinking that stirring an egg into our $2 instant noodles made our WFH lunches adequately gourmet.

In Japan, mess tins (or mestins) are popular accessories for camping or solo stay-home meals. But here in Singapore, mess tins are fondly remembered by NSmen as our lifesavers during field camp.Β 

Who else enjoyed heating up your SAF-issued food rations (or Maggi Mee, if we were feeling fancy) with the good ole' mess tin, be it in the jungle or back in the bunkroom?

But thanks to one Tik Tok user, we're seeing the potential to do so much more.

Lo and behold: Prawn mee in a mess tin

This post sparked a flurry of comments along the lines of "idea for my next ICT outfield", "BRUH, how??" and "do you have bigger cookware?".

Apparently, the account owner, who goes byΒ @tamagotamago3333 on TikTok and @miki_lifeofasia on Instagram, has been living the "nomad life" in a hotel, hence swapping out his frying pan for a mess tin.Β 

He's also made lobster with chili crab-inspired sauce.

As well as a Japanese take on seafood biryani.

He's even whipped up meals that can be served with a wine pairing.

Is this something we'd actually attempt in camp? It might seem a bit extra, but hey, at the end of a hard day in training, there's no reward like a sumptuous "home-cooked" meal after RO.Β 

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