Surprise Supplies: Citizen Farm



Surprise Supplies: Citizen Farm

STORY: Farhan Shafie
10 January 2020

Surprise Supplies is a new series where MasterChef Singapore runner-up Genevieve Lee (@gen_lxn) invites a local farmer into the kitchen with some of their local produce. Watch her whip up a storm on the spot as she creates some truly delectable dishes based on the ingredients. 

On this episode, Genevieve welcomes Sidney Chia, Deputy Head of Citizen Farm, an urban farm that sustainably grows edible flowers, microgreens and leafy greens. His Edible Garden City team champions grow-your-own-food movements in cities around the world, starting with Singapore.

Find out what beautiful-looking recipe Genevieve could come up with Sidney's supply of kale, mushrooms, pea flower and carrots.

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