The 5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Non-Stick Pan



The 5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Non-Stick Pan

STORY: Pearlyn Tham
24 October 2019
Frying Pan
Illustration: Siti Nadhirah

1. Never use a metal ladle with it

Metal can chip and damage the non-stick coating (a synthetic chemical commonly known as Teflon) in the pan, causing it to release toxic compounds. Wooden or silicone-coated spoons and ladles are the best option here.

2. Never cook at a high heat

Low and medium heat will be better as a higher cooking temperature is said to degrade the coating on some brands of non-stick utensils and release toxic vapours. But some experts have stressed that it takes a temperature as high as 300 deg C to cause any health risk. Most home cooking won’t require such a high setting.

3. Never pre-heat an empty pan

Non-stick cooking wares tend to heat up really fast. Pre-heating them can mean that their coating is more easily degraded over time.

4. Never stack your pans

Doing this can scratch and chip the coating in them. If you must stack your pans and pots to save on storage space, put sheets of paper towels between them.

5. Never use a rough cleaning tool

Steel wool or abrasive sponges can scrape off the non-stick coating. Use a soft dishrag or sponge instead.

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